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in Meadow Creek, BC
11.5 acres Meadow Creek BC
$200,000.00  negotiable
Located in the scenic Lardeau Valley half an hour north of Kaslo, nestled in the Kootenays, the town of Meadow Creek has a general store, gas station, restaurant, church, elementary school, community hall, campground and museum. There are also two specialty sawmills, snowcat skiing operations and several home based businesses with the recent addition of high speed internet

With Kootenay and Duncan Lakes close by and the Lardeau River minutes away on two sides, there are endless options to seasonal fun! Including fishing, camping, hiking, boating and skiing! This is a wonderful community to raise a family in or retire too, or the potential for your own home based business is great.

This property boasts a Mobile home with an extensive addition. It includes a three bedrooms with a very large master. One bathroom, large living area, and large country kitchen. The whole place is covered by a metal clad roof which creates covered carport at the entrance. There are several sheds for storage and a large wooden patio apart from the house.

There is an existing well and a new drilled well on the property.


Features: Work Shed
Utilities: 11.5 acres
Utilities: Fire place
Utilities: Oil furnace
Utilities: electric
Utilities: water


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