What About Canada4SaleByOwner.com?

Well, our favorite colors are blue and purple and we've got Geminis and Sagitarrians on staff.... We've taken our fair share of hikes and jumped into more than a few lakes...

Oh- wait-

Right well, back in 2001 Bruce contacted his tech-buddy Chris and asked him for help to post a neighbor's House for Sale (by owner) on his personal website. A couple of weeks later the barbeque pit was next. A month after that it was a used car. Then Bruce's Friend down the street wanted help selling her house too. Chris could see where this was going.

Here we are... 20 years later, with our first major refresh in 10 years. We try to keep our service simple and straight-forward. We've had fairly good luck maintaining intergrity of service this whole time while keeping it free- which is somehow the most important thing seeing how most people these days want to make money- nobody can figure it out... anyway....

We can relate and we definitely feel your pain if you're coming to us after having paid another website a few hundred loonies for the same service we're offering here for free. Oh wait, so they're sending you a sign to stick in your yard. Bravo.

So how do we do it for free? Well, our system is simple. Through these years of trial and error we've come up with this version and maybe it's not 100% automatic but its manageable and since we're able to monitor EVERY ad thats posted on our site we're able to provide a decent quality of service.

We boast a nearly 100% Uptime. Our webstats indicate about 1000 unique visitors a day. Many thousands of pages served. Many, many thousands of hits. Googlebot graces us with its presence over 100 times a day. All said we're a likely venue to help you get your property sold.

So that said...

THANKS for stopping by and giving us a chance- we sincerely hope we're able to help you.