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What About

Well, our favorite colors are blue and purple and we've got Geminis and Sagitarrians on staff.... We've taken our fair share of hikes and jumped into more than a few lakes...

Oh- wait-

Right well, back in 2001 Bruce contacted his tech-buddy Chris and asked him for help to post a neighbor's House for Sale (by owner) on his personal website. A couple of weeks later the barbeque pit was next. A month after that it was a used car. Then Bruce's Friend down the street wanted help selling her house too. Chris could see where this was going.

Here we are... 5 years later and almost 1000 ads strong. We try to keep our service simple and straight-forward. We've had fairly good look maintaining intergrity of service this whole time while keeping it free- which is somehow the most important thing seeing how most people these days want to make money- nobody can figure it out... anyway....

We can relate and we definitely feel your pain if you're coming to us after having paid another website a few hundred loonies for the same service we're offering here for free. Oh wait, so they're sending you a sign to stick in your yard. Bravo.

So how do we do it for free? Well, our system is simple. Through these years of trial and error we've come up with this version and maybe it's not 100% automatic but its manageable and since we're able to monitor EVERY ad thats posted on our site we're able to provide a decent quality of service.

We boast a nearly 100% Uptime. Our webstats indicate about 1000 unique visitors a day. Many thousands of pages served. Many, many thousands of hits. Googlebot graces us with its presence over 100 times a day. All said we're a likely venue to help you get your property sold.

So that said...

THANKS for stopping by and giving us a chance- we sincerely hope we're able to help you.

Privacy, Terms & Conditions...

What does "For Sale By Owner" mean?

When listing your ad at you are asserting that you legally, and rightfully own the item you are selling. This means:

  • you are not an agent, and that the item is not on consignment, and that the item does not belong to anyone else but you.
  • the item is not stolen or swindled or obtained through any other dubious means other than legally.

Though we monitor all advertisements posted on, we can not guarantee that every ad posted on our site is legitimate and/or valid.


Your Privacy

Login Information
Well, as far as entering your email address is concerned, this is pretty much the only time you'll be asked to enter it. If you want, you can post it in your advertisement, or you can post a different one. We ask for an email address at registration as a means of identifying you, mainly because an email address is fairly unique, but also to spare you of having to think up an alias. But if you prefer, register with an alias. Whatever you feel comfortable with. This 'user identification' pretty much stays locked up in our database (for what that's worth- see below) and is only asked for when you log-in to the site. So if you don't register with an email address as your user-id, don't expect any kind of email from us in the future. 

Rest assured that we haven't the time or inclination to dabble in third-party marketing schemes (even we've been subjected to our fair share of spam- personally we hate all forms of the stuff- so we know what it's like and we steadfastly refuse to take any part in it.)

Other Identification
We do actively track your ip address(es) on some pages to provide marketing reports and other counter statistics. We don't use or require session cookies in any of our programming on any page. Our web server might send you a session cookie for it own purpose or reason (we don't control this) -  at any rate you are certainly welcome to disallow all cookies from our site.  Your  browsing experience should not be affected since we neither use or rely on them.

What we mean by 'locked-up/secure'

It's no secret that data theft exists and that even the heartiest of security systems can be cracked. This website makes no claims whatsoever that what data you place here will be held ultimately secure. In most cases, a few layers of user-id/password protection are all that's in place, which is normally sufficient for a system like this and the data that's stored here. Even when encrypted, these layers can be cracked by a variety of tools. So we stress, please, 'locked-up' is a relative term. 

With this in mind, please note that we don't require any information from you which may compromise your safety and privacy. 


If you don't want strangers calling you in the middle of the night to inquire about your advertisement- don't post your phone number (or, at least, give instructions on the best times that you can be reached.) Please remember, though this site is built for Canadians, this is the internet, and the whole world may be watching.


Terms & Conditions is not a Real Estate broker or agent, and is not registered as a Real Estate agency. represents neither the buyers or sellers and receives no commission on the sale of properties listed in this service. We cannot guarantee the information we obtained is accurate. You must verify the information directly with the property owner/representative and you accept all risks for inaccuracies. All information contained in the advertisements has been provided by individuals (sellers or buyers) not associated with does notprovide legal advice. Legal counsel should ALWAYS be obtained when completing Real Estate transactions.

Any individual (sellers or buyers) placing any type of advertisement on the website of assumes responsibility for the ads accuracy and assumes responsibility for any events or situations that may arise due to the ads publishing. assumes no responsibility, and makes no guarantee, implied or otherwise, for the accuracy or validity of information contained in the advertisements. is a publisher of advertisements and is not liable for typographical errors, misprints, omissions, or misinformation. Liability is hereby limited to the fee if any paid to in regards to the ad containing the error.

Content on our website is protected by copyrights, trademarks or service marks and other property rights which are owned and controlled by and its affiliates, or by third party content providers, merchants, sponsors and licensors, that have licensed their content, or the right to market their products and/or services. Offsite links are provided by link exchanges, paying advertisers, or for information purposes. By following any offsite links contained on the website of, each person assumes responsibility for any contracts entered into, purchases made, and any situation or event that may arise, not

All content on our websites is as is and without warranties of any kind either express or implied. The content that you access on this website is provided solely for your convenience and/or marketing purposes. and its affiliates do not warrant or make any representations regarding the results that may be obtained from the use of this website, or as to the reliability, accuracy or currency of any information content, services and/or merchandise acquired pursuant to your use of these websites.

Those who choose to access our websites do so on their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable.

We hope this covers it. If not then at least you agree that we all agree that you've been warned.

The above terms and conditions of are subject to change without notice.
Any Specific questions can be directed here

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