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in Sudbury, ON
Northern Ontario - lakefront
Pan-Abode home - Western cedar log. 1200 sq ft, 2 bedrooms, 1 3-piece bath, laundry room(can be converted back to 3rd bedroom), cathedral ceilings throughout, electric heat/air, propane fireplace. Sleep camp, garage, sheds, steam bath by the water. Nice sandy beach, aluminum dock. Sleep camp on the premises.
This property is on Whitewater Lake, Azilda, part of Greater Sudbury. It has 102 ft frontage X 300 ft. The taxes are approximately $2200 a year as of 2012 assessement. Year round access. There is electric heat and a propane fireplace, one in-wall air-conditioner and one installed permanently in a kitchen window. Please email to


Property Type: Waterfront property


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