Homes & Properties
in Saskatoon, SK
Gravel Land - est 750,000 Yards - Haul Saskatoo
$1,300,000.00  negotiable
- 80 acres with clear title near Maymont SK. No Mortgage/Financing.
- estimated 750,000 Cubic Yards of usable gravel
- estimated 15-20% rock (3/4inch+)
- No material taken off the property
- 45 minutes to Saskatoon
- 30 minutes to North Battleford
- current royalty rates in the area are $3.50 per yard. Property estimated to have $2,625,000.00 of gravel as it sits in the ground un-mined, and over 20 Million Dollars when brought to market.
- asking half the price of the fair market value of the material as it sits.
- Well within current hauling distance to market and many other mines nearby.
- Gravel is Saskatchewan’s most precious resource.
- Saskatchewan has 3x as much roadways as Alberta with 1/4 the population.
- In 5 short years, the cost of paving a road went from $750,000 per mile to the current cost of $1,400,000 for 1 km of paved road.

Owner is capable of accepting the Canadian dollar equivalent of Bitcoin, other crypto currencies, or precious metals.



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